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Mediation can be an effective way of resolving a dispute or disagreement without having to take the issue to court, usually making it quicker, less stressful and cheaper to resolve.

It involves an independent third party who helps both sides negotiate towards an agreement. A big advantage of mediation is that the discussions and agreements remain in your control, rather than being decided by a Judge or the court.

Becket Chambers’ experienced mediators are here to support you with resolving Family and Civil disputes.

A mediator’s role is to develop better communications to help both sides arrive at a common sense solution that they are happy to accept. They avoid taking sides, and do not make judgements or give advice.

Mediation is voluntary, so can only take place if both you and the other party agree to it. If this doesn’t happen, or if you are unable to reach agreement following mediation, you can still go to court. Find out more about how Becket Chambers can help with Family mediation or Civil mediation.

Family Mediation appointments take place at either our Canterbury or Maidstone office. Civil Mediation appointments can also take place at an alternative site, such as a solicitors’ office, if that is more convenient for the parties.

To instruct a mediator, contact the mediation clerks.


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