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How Civil Mediation Works

A Civil Mediation session is usually attended by the parties, as well as their legal representatives if the parties so wish, along with the mediator.

The mediator asks each party to put forward a statement of the dispute. Following this, the mediator will question the parties to gather more information and identify the problems.

The precise format of each mediation will be tailored specifically to the needs and requirements of the parties and the dispute itself.

Mediation is typically conducted with a combination of joint sessions, where all parties and representatives are present in the same room, or in shuttle sessions, where each party (and their representative) are in their own rooms and the mediator will travel between them, speaking to each side separately.

When an agreement between the parties is reached this can then be set out into a written agreement, contract or draft court order depending on what suits the circumstances of the dispute and the requirements of the parties.


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