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Nicole Jennings

Nicole is a Civil Mediation Council Accredited Mediator.

With a busy and growing practice as a barrister, Nicole has always been interested in finding opportunities to resolve disputes in an amicable manner. Whilst her role as a litigator requires her to represent and advance the position of one party, she values the different role she is able to play as a mediator; facilitating discussion, assisting both parties in reaching an amicable resolution that is satisfactory for both parties whilst avoiding the costs and delays often associated with the court process.

As a mediator, she helps people to identify the issues at the heart of the dispute, and to explore opportunities for resolutions that they may not have previously considered.

Her experience as a litigator adds strength to her highly developed questioning, listening and negotiation skills, as she understands the full legal implications of her clients’ situation (and the probable outcome should the issue need to proceed to court). As a barrister, she has specialist knowledge which enables her, during mediation, to probe more deeply into the core issues. Although as a mediator her role is not to offer legal advice, she will facilitate discussions and ask specific questions designed to increase the parties’ awareness of strengths and weaknesses of their legal position.

One of the benefits of mediation is that it also allows her to help her clients to explore options that are not available in legal proceedings.  Mediation offers the potential for time to explore issues in depth, which the court doesn’t always have – limited only by the amount of time a client wishes to commit to.


Nicole’s areas of specialisation include:

  • Landlord and Tenant – including rent disputes
  • Probate and inheritance – including disputes over the validity of wills, trusts and the beneficial ownership of property and where someone has died intestate (without a will) or there are issues of testamentary capacity.
  • Property and Land Law – including neighbour and boundary disputes, and rights of way issues
  • TOLATA – where property disputes arise between unmarried cohabiting couples

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