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Sita Cox

Sita Cox qualified as a Barrister in 1987 and as a Family Mediator in 2010. She joined Becket Chambers in 2022.

Working in the legal system for 35 years with difficult cases has exposed her to people from a wide range of backgrounds under very stressful circumstances. She is comfortable talking to people and putting them at ease. She is approachable and quickly builds rapport with clients allowing them to work collaboratively towards the best outcome.

Sita is diplomatic, fair and pragmatic and is able to remain neutral enabling both parties to express themselves and their grievances. She is analytical and understands that disputes can hinge on particular points of detail which can push boundaries and be a trigger for the other party.

Sita is realistic and non-judgemental. She acknowledges that each party has their own, but equally valid, version of what has happened. She has the ability to see both sides and is able to think creatively and constructively of possible areas of compromise and resolution.

Combined with her natural empathy and understanding of the psychological and practical issues that arise in difficult circumstances, she is extremely adept at helping clients come to an acceptable agreement through guided negotiation.


Sita is conscious that many people may be reluctant at first to engage in mediation, and she understands that this reluctance is often caused by not wanting to engage directly with the other parties involved. Nevertheless, she is able to encourage her clients to see the value of mediation a viable alternative to going through the court system and having a solution imposed upon them.

Whilst people may have been reluctant at first, Sita has often observed the transformative effect as clients develop their own communication skills and learn to address stressful situations more effectively.

Sita’s areas of mediation specialism include:

  • Matrimonial finance
  • Children both financial and children plans
  • Inheritance claims, especially involving issues of reasonable financial provision for dependents
  • Land law, especially neighbour disputes involving boundaries, rights of way and the impact of building developments (e.g. extensions)

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